Our Mission

The Jump Rope Group, LLC builds community, character, and creativity through the sport of jump rope. Education about the sport of jump rope and conversations about its growth fuel community. Character is fostered through leadership, empathy, and resiliency skills. The gift of creativity is brought through new knowledge and an exploration of how those skills can come together.


Coach Susahnn

Susahnn Valente grew up in Arizona where she fell in love with jump rope at five years old. After college, that same passion for the sport moved her to Colorado to jump with the a well established competitive team, the Skip Its of Boulder. She fell deeper in love with the sport and the Colorado spirit of athleticism.

In 2013, Susahnn received her Master’s in Nonprofit Management through Regis University. She has over seven years’ experience in nonprofit administration, fundraising, program development, and organizational culture. She spent four years working with Playworks, a national nonprofit that believes in the power of play to bring out the best in every kid. Her program provided safe and healthy play to students ranging from 5-15 years old. She taught vital social and emotional skills through age appropriate activities and games. In 2017, Susahnn was honored by Playworks Colorado with the Champions of Play award for Respect. She is also Double-Goal Coach Certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance and in 2018 completed a Women in Coaching Conference presented by the U.S. Olympic Committee Coaching Education Department.

Overall, Coach Susahnn has enjoyed over 10 years coaching and teaching youth in a variety of sports and environments.

“Growing up I jumped on four different jump rope teams, mainly due to coaches moving on from the sport for one reason or another. I witnessed firsthand the large commitment it was for them and the different struggles each of them faced. I will strive to meet the need for sustainability for coaches and jumpers. I look forward to creating a community of jumpers and teams where the sport will thrive and grow through friendly competition and shared knowledge.”
— Coach Susahnn, The Jump Rope Group. LLC