USA Jump Rope

The United States Amateur Jump Rope Federation (USA Jump Rope or USAJR) was formed on October 1, 1995 as a result of the merger of two national jump rope organizations (IRSO and WRSF). USAJR is an organization committed to the exchange and sharing of jump rope knowledge and experience. The organization offers a wide variety of information about jump rope to its members, coaches and physical educators through its books, video tapes, the Internet and other resources.

American Jump Rope Federation

Development - Create new programs that foster education, fitness, and safety in the community.

Competition - Create competitive opportunities at every level, and take elite level competition to new heights.

Growth - Increase the accessibility of our sport and getting more people jumping rope.

National Double Dutch League

In 1973, David A. Walker, then a New York City Police Community Affairs Detective, joined by his partner Detective Ulysses Williams, developed the street game of Double Dutch into the World Class Sport that it is today. With the assistance of the physical education instructors at IS 10, Walker and Williams revitalized the game by developing it into a competitive team sport. On February 14, 1974, the first Double Dutch tournament was held with nearly 600 fifth, sixth, seventh and eight grade students participating.

Since that initial tournament, competitive Double Dutch has expanded with citywide and national championships. Nearly 100,000 girls and boys representing schools and community centers throughout the United States and world compete for team positions at the national and international events.

For the past twelve years, Walker’s invention of the popular “Fusion” free-style approach for the sport of Double Dutch is the format adopted and used at the internationally supported Double Dutch Holiday Classic© and other world-class tournaments throughout the world.


International Jump Rope Union

The International Jump Rope Union (IJRU) is the world governing body for the sport of jump rope/rope skipping, newly founded by merging the two international organizations Fédération Internationale de Saut à la Corde (FISAC-IRSF) and World Jump Rope Federation (WJRF).

Our purpose is to spread the sport of jump rope/rope skipping, and with it the joy, the physical strength, and the connectedness jumping rope provides.