Start before you are ready

Have you ever had a dream to do something but you always told yourself "when I have more money I will" or "when I weigh this much I will"? I've been telling myself those exact lines for a decade now. What have I been waiting for? 

This blog is an idea I have wanted to do for many years and have half-attempted before. But I always felt I was not ready and let it all disappear!  

Well, screw it. It's been 2 year since my foot surgery. I have loved eating yummy foods to ease some emotional pain. And now I will be going to a jump rope workshop in a few weeks. I will not be able to do the tricks and skills I did a decade ago, but I will be happy. I will be doing the thing I love, jump rope. And I will be learning and creating! 

Who knows where all of this will lead! My mantra today is "Happiness is not a destination. It is the journey."  

Jump High, Smile Big, Have Fun!